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[Aug. 25th, 2006|10:37 pm]
Through an incredibly bizarre, random event, I have been associated with what could quite possibly be the coolest radio show in the history of ever. I was checking my email and amidst the usual trash-heap of promises of (long awaited and much yearned for) satisfactory penis length, and the innumerable marriage proposals I get every day I noticed a strange email from someone called Ed Champion about the Bat Segundo Show. I was intrigued. I opened it, expecting porn, and couldn't decide if I was dissappointed or happy when I found out that it wasn't porn, rather, a link to a radio show with Jonathan Safran Foer (some of you may remember me having mentioned reading his excellent book 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close') and some other guy. It gave a list of the topics covered and my god does it sound awesome. I went to their website and am now downloading four 45-minute radio shows. Haruki Murakami has been mentioned in topics many times already. Here is an example of the kinds of things they apparently talk about:

"Subjects Discussed: The similarities between Jason Taylor and David Mitchell, idiosynchratic vernacular, first-person vs. third-person voice, index cards, how Granta unexpectedly kicked off Black Swan Green, the correct pronounciation of Nabokov, the difference between sandwiches in the US and the UK, the use of 1980s technology in writing, the Falkland Islands, on selecting cultural references from 1982, Friendster, the regulation of UK schools over the past thirty years, the use of visual elements in BSG, authenticity, money and Thatcher’s England, MacGuffins in novels and life, being nice to horrid people, the Julia principle, the politics of language, hip-hop culture, the threat of conformity vs. Jason Taylor’s resilience, shaking off the Murakami yoke, the Ed Park review, on using characters from other books, and naming the headmaster Nixon, and character names that “stick on the eyeball.”"

If this is a joke I will be horribly depressed.

Anyway, I finally got Fruityloops back on a computer that works (since my laptop is buggered) and it is good to be making music on the computer again. I missed it.

I also finally have the idea, that is, the idea that I thought I had been having for the past year and a half that I could actually turn into a long story. I'm thinking maybe (dare I say it) 100 pages? It is going to be a lot closer to home than any of the other ideas I had. If it turns out how I want it to it will have been very painful to write and perhaps even cathartic. I think it wasn't so much having an idea as having enough emotional pressure built up and ready to be released in the form of a true fiction story. Don't wait up.

This is my plan for the rest of the night:
-Start writing
-Once dad kicks me off the computer I will go read
-Once he's off it and in bed I will smoke weed and keep writing
-I will finish the small amount of bourbon I have and keep writing
-I will bed myself.

Have an excellent weekend.